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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If The Dems Don't Go For The Throat Now, They DON'T Deserve To Win

What this article means is that Dear Leader knows he's now got BIG problems concerning his treason as it relates to warrantless spying on purely domestic communications

Bush agrees to review of spy program

The White House, in an abrupt reversal, has agreed to let the full Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees review President George W. Bush's domestic spying program, lawmakers said on Tuesday.

The Republican chairmen of the Senate and House panels disclosed the shift two days before a Senate confirmation hearing for Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden as the new CIA director, which is expected to be dominated by concern over the program.

The chairmen said separately that Bush had agreed to full committee oversight of his Terrorist Surveillance Program rather than the more limited briefings allowed up to now.

The White House, under political pressure, did agree to conduct a set of briefings for the two full committees earlier this year, but those sessions did not disclose operational details about the eavesdropping.

The GOP is clearly dazed & reeling-unpopular, budget-busting wars that waste lives for no good purpose other than rewarding major campaign contributors with no-bid, no oversight contracts, and nonexistent Presidential leadership while staying on vacation that causes numerous deaths directly after major hurricanes will do that to you-and it's now time for the Dems to take an example from the hopefully soon to be indicted jerkoff Karl Rove and go for the kill

No being nice with the GOP, no giving them second chances or playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules in the hopes that the GOP will finally do the right thing and stand up for the Constitution ahead of selfish party interests, it's time the Dems got nasty and played harder and rougher than they EVER have

The dems better be sharpening up their long knives for this sudden capitulation by the Administration, they'd better decide that NOW is the time for their numerous pounds of flesh, especially as the White House no doubt sees this as a preemptive move ahead of the hearings to confirm Gen Hayden as the new CIA chief. The Imperial President and the nest of traitors known as the GOP are hapless and in complete freefall at this point, and if the Dems DON'T go for the throat, then they don't deserve to win

This is absolutely the PERFECT time to make the GOP damage even worse, it's a complete no-brainer in terms of finally showing badly-needed leadership that usually says "vote for us, we're not as bad as the GOP" It's time for the Dems to show why we should support them, not another example of why we shouldn't vote Republican

Fuck the usual dem milquetoasts, they need to show some uncharacteristic spine for a change-Excepting Feingold, Boxer, Durbin & Reid (at times)

Initiated after the September 11 attacks, the program lets the National Security Agency eavesdrop without a court warrant on international phone calls and e-mails made by U.S. citizens if one party is suspected to have links with terrorism.

It has stirred an outcry among rights groups and lawmakers who believe Bush overstepped his constitutional authority.

Actually, whats really stirred the outcry is the fact that this program is warrantlessly spying on purely domestic communications, in complete contradiction of the safeguards against such conduct-namely, that NO such efforts can be conducted without a search warrant or judicial oversight of some kind, especially as it relates to purely domestic sommunications

There's also the little problem of where the Constitution allows Dear Leader to clearly and unambiguously violate-at will-the same Constitution he and his Administration are sworn to uphold, something no GOPbot or Dear Leader W lackey has been able to do yet

And since it's breathtaking and galling for the most paranoid and secrecy obsessed President & Administration in US History to insist that the citizens make their lives as open a book to the most intimate of Administrative Inquisitors, then that same standard should be applied to the Administration as well, as I want to make DAMN sure there are NO al-Qaeda sympathizers located in either the White House and/or the GOP

Oh yeah, this also means problems with Karl Rove's strategy of "Only the GOP can keep us all safe from that pesky Constitution, & it's sympathizers", mainly because it's now obvious that the Adminstration's view is that the vast majority of US Citizens are al-Qaeda sympathizers to be kept in check at every opportunity

The White House has sought to avoid full committee oversight by limiting briefings to subcommittees from each panel. Initially, the administration shared program details only with the chairmen and vice chairmen of the committees and party leaders in the House and Senate.

"It became apparent that in order to have a fully informed confirmation hearing, all members of my committee needed to know the full width and breadth of the president's program," Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who heads the 15-member Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said in a statement.

So blathers & sayeth the Freedom-Hating scumbag BitchSlapped SO effectively last November via Rule 21

Basically, Karl Rove's fire up the base tactics of gaybashing and smearing anyone not in the GOP as soft on terrorism are now just as liable to blow up in his face as they are to hamstring the dems

Of course, as was pointed out here recently, Rove's bizarre comments & political logic in front of the AEI indicates that everything the former wunderkind touches is now turning to lead instead of gold

And poor, spineless Arlen Specter, rolls over & spreads his legs once again for Dear Leader W, although the fact this screwing came less than 24 hours after his latest GOP prostitution has to sting something fierce, as it indicates that no one bothered to let Specter know his latest public disgracement wasn't actually necessary

Had Specter waited just 24 hours, he wouldn't be looking like the eager Administrative lapdog he's so clearly become

It's your turn now dems, and if you don't absolutely crucify, scourge and tear the GOP to pieces at EVERY opportunity, if you don't show true leadership instead of mouthing platitudes of "vote for us, we're less bad than the GOP", then you don't deserve any kind of victory in November or further support from your liberal-but-disavowed-at-every-public-opportunity base


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